Not sure what size harness to get when shopping online? We can help!

Getting the perfect size harness for your new, or old, pup can be difficult, especially if you’re shopping online. Don’t worry though, we have made it easy for you!

A question we get asked a lot, and something I believe potential customers aren’t unaware of, is that we cater to EVERY size dog. We love dogs here, that’s why we work at Furry and Fabulous and we do not discriminate! Our harnesses range from XXS to XL, holding dogs as light as 1kg to dogs as heavy as 30kg! Don’t take my word for it though, have a look at these happy customers!

Our harness collection is fast, if you have ever popped into either of our stores you will know what I am talking about. This means we carry a few different brands. Whilst they are generally the same as each other size wise, we want you to be absolutely sure before you press pay!

First off, how to measure! Grab a measuring tape and follow the instructions below!

The sizing guide runs off the measurements you just took, as well as your pup's weight. Compare both of these to the chart below and you will have a perfectly fitting harness!

XXS 23-33 CM 27-37 CM 1-2 KG
XS 27-36 CM 36-48 CM 3-4 KG
S 35-44 CM 41-54 CM 5-7 KG
M 39-52 CM 46-62 CM  7-9 KG
L 42-56 CM 57-83 CM 9-15 KG
XL 48-63 CM 60-89 CM 15 KG+


This sizing chart can be applied to every brand we carry EXCEPT FOR PUPSTYLE. Pupstyles sizing is completely different to everything else as they are a different make and style. Here is their sizing chart.

XS 22-25 CM 30-39 CM
S 27-31 CM 39-50 CM
M 33-38 CM 44-60 CM
L 39-43 CM 53-73 CM
XL 45-50 CM  60-81 CM


Many of our customers are unaware of the difference between Pupstyle and our other harnesses. The soul difference is the neck. Pupstyle harnesses are fitted with a velcro neck that simply goes around the dog’s neck and closes once the dog has stepped into the harness. Other brands require you to slip the harness over the dog’s head. So, if your pup is a little squeamish with things going over their head, then Pupstyle might just be for you!

Our harnesses are all machine washable and ocean friendly! Perfect for your dog to just be a dog!



Love F&F XX