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 Please Note, prices may change/differ depending on the work needed and if there are any extra charges applied on the day which will be determined by our groomer. 
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Grooming Policy

Booking Policy and Deposits: 

All bookings made require a non-refundable $20 deposit per dog/appt. We cannot secure your appt until we have a booking deposit and we will allow that slot to be booked by other clients. Please note, if your booking deposit is paid and you make a cancellation you will be deducted of that $20 as a cancellation fee. If there are also changes to your appt within 24 hours of your appt, you will not be refunded or credited this amount. If you make changes to your booking prior to the 24 hour period such as reschedule (not inclusive of cancelling your appt), you can opt for a credit to be held or a full refund of your deposit. We encourage our clients to book well in advance to avoid disappointment. 


No Show Policy

If you do not show to your appt without any contact to us, we are required to charge you the full amount of your ‘missed’ booking prior to making the next. You will not be able to make the next booking without paying for your previous one in full.

Late Arrival/Pick up

If you arrive more than 15 minutes late to your booking time slot, we will aim to provide you with a lesser service but you will be charged the full service that you are booked in for that time slot. We also have the right to cancel your booking if you arrive later than this time period.

For pickup, we do not hold dogs in our salon or offer any dog sitting services. After 30 minutes you will be charged accordingly as we do not have the space to hold dogs longer than their appts.

30 mins + you will be charged $10

45 mins + you will be charged $15

1 hour + you will be charged $30

We ask you respect our time and our salon space as we would love to cater for other clients that may not be suitable around other dogs.  

Matting Policy

Matting occurs when the tangles are so tightly gripped to the skin we are unable to cut them out and will most likely require your dog to be shaved. If your dog is matted, you give full consent to do what is best for your dog (eg. shaving). Furry ‘n’ Fabulous Pet Boutique will not be liable/held responsible for any injury such as cuts, scratches, nicks etc. sustained during/after grooming a matted dog as we are working close to the skin. You will be notified during your consultation if your dog needs to be shaved. If you do not give consent, we will not groom your dog and you will not be refunded your deposit price. 

Dogs also with matting will receive a matting fee. This is up to the groomer's discretion and the coat condition of your dog. 

Flea Policy

We will not accept dogs with fleas. If made aware at time of booking, you as the owner must treat the dog to a flea treatment that frees the dog of fleas and rebook your appointment once the fleas are gone. If discovered your dog has fleas during their grooming service, your dog will receive a flea rinse and you will be charged a fee of $20.

Dogs with fleas will NOT be allowed to roam our boutique or touch any stock and if they do, we as a boutique have the right to ask you to leave for the safety of other dogs.  

Vaccination Policy

Your dog must be fully vaccinated to visit our boutique. We do not accept dogs without vaccinations for the safety of themselves and other pets.  

Aggression/behavioural Policy

Furry ‘n’ Fabulous Pet Boutique has the right to charge you an extra handling fee if your dog becomes aggressive in any nature or requires ‘extra work’ in our spa by our groomer. This will be up to the groomer’s discretion. 

Refusal of Service Policy

Furry ‘n’ Fabulous Pet Boutique has the right to refuse you of service in our boutique. Things may include continuous cancellations, no shows, rescheduling etc or aggressive behaviours such as biting, scratching etc. 

We also as a boutique DO NOT tolerate harassing, threatening, rude, disrespectful or demeaning behaviour towards any of our staff or clients. We have the right to refuse service if this is an issue.

Social Media Policy

Furry ‘n’ Fabulous Pet Boutique reserves the right to take photos and videos of your pet and use them for social media purposes. 

By booking with us, you understand and agree to our terms of service. Due to the unpredictable nature of animals, unexpected accidents may occur. You also agree that you release Furry n Fabulous Pet Boutique and Spa, its owners, employees and affiliates from all liabilities, expenses, damages and costs resulting from any service provided or injury to your pet(s) while in our care or afterward. 


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